Contact information

Nationality: French

Birth date: 28/01/1947


Address: 54 rue colonel de Roche Brune 92380 GARCHES France

Phone: +33 954484049

Mobile: +33 673194148


Job: Consultant

Membership: Expert

Speciality: Déchets, Dépollution, Nuisances, Pollution des sols, Pollutions agricoles

Skills domain: Environnement et risques technologiques, Organisation et gestion de projet

City of practice: Garches

Working language: English (active language), French (active language), Spanish (passive language)

Member of EEEI

Date of attestation: 04/12/1998

national registration body: Cour d’Appel de Versailles

honorary expert: False

end date of registration validity: 02/01/2017