Artificial Intelligence and Justice

AI is nowadays swarming over nearly every domain. Justice is just one of these domains. But, up to this day, AI has mainly been a question for judges and lawyers, with some specific issues, like: what about access to (big) data?

Shall we see new tools for conflict resolution, partially or totally based on AI? These questions will also address the experts’ community, with two main issues: can AI support the work of experts? Will it someday substitute for the experts? But, first, what data do we have? What about the qualification process? What about impartiality?

On the other hand, AI may also become a topic for expertise. Will it become a separate topic from already existing specialities, like: automatics, computer science, software, IT, …?

EEEI wishes to initiate some thinking on these issues. If interested, please contact: and join the LinkedIn group do share views and ideas about the use of artificial intelligence in judicial expertise.

Robert Ranquet