In the context of this extraordinary health crisis, we asked our institutional members to send us some information on the direct consequences of the existing crisis.

Here are their responses:

Pierre Saupique, President of the experts association at the Court of Appeal of Reims and Editor of the magazine called the “Revue Experts” sends us the information disseminated jointly with the CNCEJ via a newsletter with the following title “LE COVID-19: L’EXPERTISE DE JUSTICE CONFINÉE?”

Sascha Dalen Gilhuijs and Nico Keijser gave us an overview of the measures taken in the Netherlands.

La Compagnie Nationale des Experts Médecins de Justice – CNEMJ published on its website the circular on the adjustment of the criminal and civil activity of the courts to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures, as well as information with advice. The institutions operated only ( or almost only) via the Internet or videoconferencing, until further government requirements.

L’Association de Formation des Experts de Justice — AFEJ presents us with Training, Expertise and COVID 19 through this text:

“Twenty-seven experts, newly registered on court lists at the beginning of this year, were looking forward to attending the three Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum training days planned by the AFEJ for the 12th , 13th, and 14th of March 2020 before carrying out their first expert assessments. BUT… a virus from Asia threatened to compromise this project. After careful analysis of the available workspace, the desk layout, and the space between the participants in the restaurant, the decision to run the training days was taken by the judicial and administrative judges, lawyers, and other contributors taking part. Unfortunately, on the evening of the 13th, the four surgeons and specialist medical doctors who had signed up for the course were recalled to their places of work in order to cancel all planned interventions and make space available in their departments. Apart from this unforeseen event, the course was able to run right through until the end at 5.30pm on the Saturday. Two hours later the Prime Minister announced the beginning of lockdown and movement restrictions. The three training days for translators planned for the following week have had to be postponed… but no date has as yet been set.”

In the context of covid-19, the CNIL published some recommandations for the implementation of the home office and the CEPEJ draws up a compilation of comments and comments on country on the European judicial system in a period of lockdown.