EEEI Award 2021: Ergological expertise

The Scientific Committee of the European Institute of Experts and Expertise has decided to award the EEEI 2021 prize to Mr Jean-Pierre Lauwereys for his work on ergological expert’s assessment.

Published in 2020 by Anthémis, the book is the result of several years of ergological expert’s assessment at the request of Belgian courts, insurance companies or individuals. This type of expertise assessment, which generally complements a medical expert’s assessment, aims to evaluate the socio-economic loss of a person affected by an illness, or who suffers the after-effects of an accident at work or in private life. The expert may also be called upon to give an opinion on the ability to hold a specific job or to drive a vehicle.

After a historical presentation and a definition of ergonomics, the book deals separately with the various pathologies that can reduce a person’s capacities or prevent him or her from continuing to work: after-effects of accidents, occupational diseases, pain and dependencies. The book provides guidance on the various investigative tools available to the ergologist: assessment of intellectual abilities, psychomotor assessment, personality investigation.

The book is one of the few French-language contributions in a field of considerable practical importance for judges, lawyers and insurers who have to assess the modalities of compensation for victims of accidents or diseases. It is also of interest to carers involved in the care of these people. The author draws on his extensive experience in the field, where he has been practising for nearly 30 years as an occupational psychologist and judicial expert.


Vincent Vigneau

Counselor at the First Civil Chamber of the French Court of Cassation, member of the EEEI’s Scientific Committee.