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“The place of expertise in our modern society must be the subject of in-depth reflection. This is the aim of the European Institute of Expertise and Expert, established in October 2006.”

thus reading on the homepage of our website. This may be regarded as prejudiced as we are an institution dealing with expertise and by that making ourselves more important than we are or should be. But the reality is that the world around us is becoming more complex and more technical driven. In many cases companies as well as individuals, have to rely on experts or expert opinions, for matters or decisions that affect their lives and decisions they have to make. This is even more so in disputes that are dealt with by a court of justice or any other form of dispute settlement. In such cases a judge may appoint an independent expert that will by law be of influence to the decision the judge will take.

When a judge appoints an expert it must be clear what his knowledge is and what his background is. Is he a true expert in his field, who or what states that he is? Is the expert independent and unprejudiced? How do we know? How does the judge know? How can we know by what procedures an expert has to work? Are there rules of conduct by the judge or more in general?
This is where the European Expertise and Expert Institute (EEEI) is aiming at. EEEI has institutional and individual members from around Europe. Members are from the fields of judges, lawyers, academics and of course experts.

What do we offer?

Individual members are entitled to have articles published at the website or be mentioned in the EEEI Newsletter, concerning judicial expertise from the viewpoint of Experts, Lawyers, Judges or Academics, providing the Article is relevant and of substantial quality, to be decided by the EEEI Steering Committee or the Communication Committee.
You may work with the EEEI in Projects that are organised by the EEEI, in cooperation with the EU, as long as the EEEI Steering committee accepts this collaboration in order to carry out the project successfully.
You have access to information generated or kept by the EEEI that can be of importance in any matter concerning judicial expertise, as long as this information can be delivered by EEEI according to the rules of confidentiality and data protection.
You can be in personal contact with any member or members of the board or participants in any EEEI project in order to answer questions or be of assistance in any matter concerning judicial expertise in the EU.
You can be given assistance by the EEEI in finding an adequate contact in any matter concerning judicial expertise.
Of course you receive the periodic digital newsletter of the EEEI, for which an e-mail address is needed. You will also be informed about new projects or other activities of the EEEI.
You may be present at the yearly General Assembly. A General Assembly can be organised in any European city and is usually organised with a more general colloquium on one or more relevant topics.
All members are included in the Directory of members on the website of the EEEI. Individual member Experts  may use the EEEI logo in their reports (for Courts or for general customers), as well as specify their EEEI membership as: “individual member of EEEI”.  All members may make use of the EEEI Logo; (For institutional members on the website in general, if desired with the announcement “Institutional member of EEEI” and for individual members only directly related to information on the individual, if desired with the announcement “Individual member of EEEI”).

How to join

If you like to help the EEEI in its further reflections on the future and harmonisation of judicial expertise in Europe, send your request for membership to the following address with your CV and clear motivation why you want to become a member. Your application will be considered by the members of the Steering Committee. Membership is open to everyone relevant to the work of judicial expertise.

We very much invite you to become a member and contribute to the position of experts in Europe.
You may choose to be more active in the organisation or rely on the information that reaches you by newsletters and articles.

Member or associate to any of the existing EEEI institutional members?

When you are a registered member or associate with any of the existing EEEI institutional members you are entitled to a 50% discount on the yearly fee. Please indicate so at your application. You are of course welcome to pay the full amount if you wish to do so.

If you have any questions on membership please contact me at

Nico Keijser