Dear members, friends and sympathisers of EEEI

Our members and friends, with whom we share an ideal of efficiency of the judicial system, are today, both personally and through their family and socio-professional environment, in their health and in their economic interests, affected by the health crisis “COVID-19”.

We want to express our deepest sympathy to them, both on our own behalf and on behalf of the IEEE.

Our world will change dramatically as a result of this pandemic. More than ever it will be important to ensure the principles that guarantee the effectiveness of good justice.

The functioning of the EEEI is based on the active participation of its members. As such, we strive to organize events in which a maximum of our members can participate. This also allows meetings, whether between individuals or between groups. The EEEI is a unique meeting place between stakeholders in the field of expertise, whether they are judges, lawyers, academics or experts, and from most countries of the European Union. Human contact and interpersonal exchanges are therefore a fundamental element of our mode of operation. Therefore we have always favored “in person” gatherings.

We were looking forward to meeting again this Friday, June 5 in Naples, for an event organized by our Italian friends {Martine, Nathalie, please quote our institutional members, as well as the organizers}. Unfortunately, it is likely that we will not be able to reach them this year due to the lack of travel permits and the lack of transportation. It is therefore with sadness that we decided to postpone this meeting. As soon as the situation allows, we will therefore send a new “save the date” for Naples, probably for the next general assembly in May / June 2021. May our Italian friends be thanked for their commitment in the organization of this assembly. We will be delighted to be able to come to Naples, in large numbers, as soon as possible.

In these times of social distancing, the EEEI will have to hold a “all digital” general assembly.

The general assembly of Friday June 5 2020 will therefore be well maintained, but at a distance. We will make sure to keep our members informed of the tools that will allow them to optimally participate in this meeting.

We hope to have the opportunity to see you all in good health as soon as possible.

Béatrice Deshayes and Etienne Claes
Co-presidents of the European Expertise and Expert Institute

Highlighted image: Illustation by Jérémie Fischer for the N°288, march 2020, published in the weekly newspaper the 1.