The EEEI award: 2021 edition

  Applications are now open!
Presentation of the Award
This prize is intended to distinguish the most accomplished studies or research, in order to promote knowledge of judicial expertise in Europe by studying its functioning, the governing principles, the applicable case law and the judicial framework in which it is used, in all countries of the European Union and beyond.  
 Who is the EEEI award for?
Scientific contributions of any kind (thesis, monograph, article, etc.), written in English or French, or in any other language that the Committee may admit for a given year (or, where applicable, translated into one of these languages), and published in the two preceding years, are eligible. They will be evaluated by the EEEI Scientific Committee until August 17, 2021, and the award will be handed over at the EEEI Annual General Meeting in the 5th of june. The author will be invited to make a keynote presentation (+/-20 min) of her/his work. The award is of an honorific nature. In principle, it is not (yet) linked to the allocation of a sum of money. However, if the work is intended for publication, the prize may include a financial contribution to facilitate publication.

The EEEI reserves the right not to award the prize if the contributions collected do not allow an author to be distinguished.

Are you eligible?
The contributions which were written in French or English and were published, exceptionally between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2020, are eligible.  
A look back at the 2020 edition:
On 5 June 2020 at the Annual General Meeting, the following works were awarded the prize of the EEEI (ex aequo): Cédric Chapelle for his doctoral thesis on L’expertise civile à l’épreuve des droits fondamentaux and Grégoire Dupont for his book on Méthode pratique de valorisation d’immobilier commercial – Valeur locative & pas-de-porte.  


by sending between January 5th, 2021 and July 1st, 2021 an email to Ms Nathalie Sillon — , secretary of the Institute or even, indirectly, by bringing this message to the attention of people in your network of contacts,