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You would like to help the EEEI in its further reflections on the future and harmonisation of judicial expertise in Europe, send your request for membership to the following address with your CV and clear motivation why you want to become a member. Your application will be considered by the members of the SteerCo. Membership is open to everyone relevant to the work of judicial expertise.

You will take part in EEEI’s upcoming projects

  • inventory and harmonization of proceedings of expertise for criminal justice, as well as the exchange of information between the judicial systems of European countries ;
  • the training at European level, of legal experts and of judges and lawyers about “the right use of judicial expertise.”
  • a reflection on the creation of a European directory of experts that could be published on the website of e-Justice of the European Union.

The payment of an EEEI annual fee entitles the member to:

  • Have articles published at the website or be mentioned in the EEEI Newsletter, concerning judicial expertise from the viewpoint of Experts, Lawyers, Judges or Academics, providing the Article is relevant and of substantial quality, to be decided by the EEEI Steering Committee or the Communication Committee;
  • Work with the EEEI in Projects that are organised by the EEEI, in cooperation with the EU, as long as the EEEI Steering committee accepts this collaboration in order to carry out the project successfully;
  • Have access to information generated or kept by the EEEI that can be of importance in any matter concerning judicial expertise, as long as this information can be delivered by EEEI according to the rules of confidentiality and data protection;
  • Be in personal contact with any member or members of the board or participants in any EEEI project in order to answer questions or be of assistance in any matter concerning judicial expertise in the EU;
  • Be given assistance by the EEEI in finding an adequate contact in any matter concerning judicial expertise;
  • Receive the periodic digital newsletter of the EEEI, for which an e-mail address is needed;
  • Be present at the yearly meeting as an individual or representing the institutional member ;
  • Be informed about new projects or other activities of the EEEI.
  • Be included in the Directory of members on the website of the EEEI;
  • For experts who are individual members, use the EEEI logo in their reports for Courts provided that she/he is identified as a judicial expert in at least one Member State of the European Union or for general customers as well as specify their EEEI membership as: “individual member of EEEI”;
  • Make use of the EEEI Logo; (For institutional members on the website in general, if desired with the announcement “Institutional member of EEEI” and for individual members only directly related to information on the individual, if desired with the announcement “Individual member of EEEI”).

The payment terms will be indicated to you at the following address