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Contribute to the quality of judicial expertise by joining the EEEI

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Contribute to the quality of judicial expertise by joining the EEEI

In the future, EU legislation is likely to influence the work of judicial expertise. One of the main goals of EU legislation in this particular field is to set guidelines for expertise procedures. New guidelines will influence local procedures and they affect the work of experts but also of judges and lawyers. Harmonising in the long term inevitably means that existing local laws and regulations are altered over time.

It is the opinion of the EEEI that changes may be for the better when decisions are based upon correct information and on proven best practices. In this respect and with the goal of improving the quality of expertise and its use within justice, we act like a think tank to produce studies and develop proposals.

The objective of the present and future EEEI projects is to inform the European institutions, whether they are part of the European Union such as the European Commission (Directorate General for Justice) or the Council of Europe (European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice) as well as any other European organisation depending on the type of project, about the essence of judicial expertise in the broadest possible sense.

We do this preferably taking into consideration the opinions point of view of Judges, Lawyers, Experts and Academics. EEEI recognises these four professional parties in the judiciary and judicial expertise as the main stakeholders and we bring them together within our institute.

 The EEEI invites you to:

  •  Work with the EEEI in European projects that are funded and supported by the EU and organised by the EEEI. By participating, you are representing the interests of your country’s judiciary practices, showcasing good local practices and in that way, having influence on future EU legislation. Contributing to these projects is not remunerated. Please contact our secretariat on the status of any project.
  • Send in articles concerning judicial expertise from the viewpoint of Experts, Lawyers, Judges or Academics, to be published on the website or to be mentioned in the EEEI newsletter;
  • Use any information that is published on our website for the benefit of your work in the judiciary of judicial expertise;
  • Contact our secretariat in order to be informed or ask any question concerning your work in the field of judicial expertise. You will be given assistance in finding an adequate contact in any matter concerning judicial expertise;
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. You will be informed on upcoming projects, events and other interesting information concerning judicial expertise;

  Become a member:

In order to be able to perform its duties, the EEEI needs funding. Most projects are co-funded by the EU. Under the EU regulation, EEEI must always have its own funding of a percentage of the budget. The EEEI also needs general funding to be able to perform its tasks: maintain the bureau, the website, the communication channels and other costs connected to our work.

We therefore invite you to become a member. Institutional members and individual members contribute to the EEEI funding. By becoming a member, you support proper information to the EU organisations. By becoming a member, you support in long term the circumstances under which you perform your work under changed and harmonised local regulation.

 Membership entitles to:

  • Be present and vote upon resolutions at the annual General Assembly as an individual member or representing and institutional member;
  • Apply for a position in EEEI statutory governance (i.e. executive committee & other bodies mentioned in our statutes)
  • Be listed in the Directory of members on the website of the EEEI;
  • For experts who are individual members, use the EEEI logo in their reports for Courts provided that she/he is identified as a judicial expert in at least one Member State of the European Union or for general customers as well as specify their EEEI membership as: “individual member of EEEI”;
  • Make use of the EEEI Logo; For institutional members on the website in general, if desired with the announcement “Institutional member of EEEI” and for individual members only directly related to information on the individual, if desired with the announcement “Individual member of EEEI”.
  • The right to ask to EEEI to advertise any event relevant for the work of judicial expertise, organized by the institutional member through EEEI information channels (newsletter, social media, website)

Membership fees and request for membership: 

If you are interested in finding out about membership fees, please make a request to the following address . Please indicate interest for individual or institutional membership. In the latter case, please supply the number of individuals your institution represents.

You may send your request for membership to the following address: with your CV and clear motivation why you want to become a member. Your application will be considered by the members of the Steering Committee.
Membership is open for EU citizens or EU based institutions, relevant to the work of judicial expertise.