By Jean-Raymond Lemaire

The EEEI is a European think tank that has been in existence since 2006, the aim of which is to contribute, through its work, to the convergence of national systems of judicial expertise and to guarantee, throughout the European judicial area, the legal certainty of decisions by the quality of the expertise carried out by court order.

One of the peculiarities is that this association is composed of European institutional members, Courts of Appeal or equivalent, Bars, Associations of experts and Universities. These numerous contacts throughout Europe nourish and enrich a collective reflection. This alchemy (combination of ideas and contacts) is vital for our association, so it is in my capacity as founder and now honorary president to travel across Europe and to meet our institutional members who continue to give us their every confidence to present advanced new lines of thought, ongoing projects and to meet new institutions, new leaders and new European contacts.

The promotion of our work allows the EEEI to :

  • strengthen its presence in Europe ;
  • promote ideas for European diversity
  • disseminate information on the types of procedures specific to each country :
  • to act with our members to find new avenues and thus to evolve the systems of judicial expertise of the Member States ;
  • build with our members and help write the future of expertise in Europe.

This task of promoting the EEEI and its work is lengthy and sometimes complicated because Europe is a vast territory for a small association like ours but the motivation remains intact.

This fundamental work makes the EEEI a major player in the European Union and in the framework of the CEPEJ.

We have regular contacts with the European Parliament, e-Justice of the Council of Europe, the European Commission, with the General Directorates Competition, Internal Market and especially Justice.

For the past few months, as Honorary President, I have :

  • met the First President of the Venice Court of Appeal ; Mrs Ines Maria Luisa Marini met the Advocate-General acting as Attorney General at the Venice Court of Appeal ; Mr Giancarlo BUONOCORE,
  • attended a meeting of the CEPEJ in Venice ;
  • attended the plenary meeting of the CEPEJ in Strasbourg ;
  • met with the First President of the Brescia Court of Appeal and the Attorney General at the same Court ; Mr. Claudio Castelli and Mr. Dell’Osso Attorney General ;
  • met a President of the Criminal Chamber at the Court of Appeal of Milan, representing the First President ; Ms. Giovanna Ichino
  • met with the President delegate of the Training School of the Bars, who train the lawyers of the Paris region, Maître Néret
  • met the French liaison magistrate for Italy and Malta ; Mr Pascal Ghent
  • met with members of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Justice (represented for illness), Mrs Simona CONSTANTIN and Kevin O’CONNELL


Date: 1 January 2018