2022 EEEI Annual General Meeting: Destination Avignon

On 17 June 2022 the European Institute of Expertise and the Expert will hold its 16th General Assembly in Avignon.

After two years of an exceptional health crisis, which obliged us to hold our Annual General Meetings without a face to face meeting, the Co-Presidents and the Executive Committee are delighted to welcome you back to the Palace of the Popes for a face to face meeting and interaction with you.
The EEEI Annual General Meeting is open to our members and to anyone interested in our work. It is a unique opportunity to present the progress of our association’s activities.

The skyline of Avignon is a magnificent urban landscape. Overlooking the city and the Rhône river, the Rocher des Doms presents an exceptional set of monuments including the Saint Bénezet Bridge, (the famous « Pont d’Avignon »), the Ramparts, the Petit Palais, the Cathedral and the impressive walls of the Popes’ Palace flanked by four mighty towers. This architectural group has been ranked by UNESCO: « world heritage for humanity ».

Friday 17 June – Palais des Papes schedule :

12h00 – 13h30 – Welcome lunch
14h00 – 16h00 – Annual General meeting
16h00 – 17h30 – The AGM will be followed by keynote speeches on the following topic Judicial experts under pressure: How experts can deal with pressure :

The speakers

    • Experts under pressure by T. Dalen Gilhuijs, Directeur StAB and EEEI’s general secretary,
    • Survey preliminary results about experts under pressure by Ing. Nico M. Keijser LRGD (secretary) and EEEI’s Vice-president,
    • Mental wellbeing in the legal profession“ and Practical workshop – Yoga Relaxation Techniques by Dr. Eva Indruchová, LL.M. Lawyer – yoga instructor,

20h00 – Guided city tour (1h20)*To understand the essence of Avignon, its emblematic monuments, the main lines of its history, its personality, leave in the company of an official guide of the Tourist Office for a commented walk at the end of the day, at the time when the martinets begin their sound ballet.

This visit will make you discover the Place de l’Horloge, the Place du Palais des Papes, the Rocher des Doms with its unobstructed view of the Pont St Bénezet, and also lesser-known places, full of charm.

*Participation only on registration,

Registration open, subject to availability



Address: Palais des Papes, Place du Palais, Avignon, France

Date: 17 June 2022