The EEEI was invited on May 12th to a conference in Budapest by the Hungarian ministry of Justice. The main theme of this conference, which was held at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, was “Citizens confidence in Justice through the action of bailiffs and judicial experts”.

Judicial experts were, so to speak, new comers in this arena, as the conference organizers acknowledged that, due to their specificities, they enjoyed less public recognition than notaries or bailiffs. The Hungarian experts were represented by the only experts association in Hungary, the “National Centre for Judicial Expertise and Scientific Police”, and its deputy-director, Dr Judit Szeké.It was organized at the initiative of the Hungarian minister of justice Láslzó Trócsanyi himself, who participated in person to all the debates, with the help of the European Public law association, an international organization based in Athens and headed by Spyridos Flogaïtis. France was highly visible in this conference, with the presence, besides the EEEI, of MMr. Patrick Sannino, president of both the French and the European Chambers of Bailliffs, Robert Giraud and Marc Taccoen, president and vice-president of the French National Council of Companies of Judicial Experts. The most notable person on the French side was Mr. Henri Nallet, former minister of Justice, and a key actor of the last “Macron” reform of regulated professions in France in 2015. We should also mention, on the British side, of the Rt Hon. Sir John Grant McKenzie Laws, former Lord Justice of Appeal, now professor in Cambridge.

Robert Giraud had an opportunity to explain the organization of judicial expertise in France. On behalf of the EEEI, I made a presentation of the Institute’s activities aiming at a better convergence of judicial expertise systems across Europe. I also presented our recent activities for e-Justice, like the EGLE project, as well as our current projects : Find an expert and EUREXCRIM.

This conference was a “first” in Hungary for the Institute. Let us hope there will be others …

Robert Ranquet

Advisor to the President for European Institutions Affairs


Address: Budapest, Hongrie

Date: 12 May 2017