Franco-Italian Symposium

Comparative views on the dematerialization of legal expertises

More accessible, faster and transparent many adjectives for the digital transformation plan of the French justice system, with in particular an offer of a total dematerialization of civil and criminal proceedings.

Participate in the Franco-Italian colloquium co-organized by the Company of Justice Experts at the Court of Appeal of Nîmes and the Judicial Court of Avignon, chaired by the First President of the Court of Appeal of Nîmes, in the presence of the General Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal of Nîmes, the Presidents of the Courts of Siena and Florence and the President of the Company of Legal Experts of Tuscany  and listen to speakers specialized in this field.


Address: Palais des Papes, Place du Palais, Avignon, France

Date: 28 May 2020