On 23rd. and 24th. November 2017, the Associació catalana de perits judicials I forenses held its INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EXPERTISE AND EXPERT EVIDENCE, in Barcelona, in collaboration with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the Asociación de Probática y Derecho Probatorio.

The European Expertise & Expert Institute collaborated in this Congress, and its Honorary President, Mr. Jean Raymond Lemaire, gave a talk about the European perspective of the expert evidence, explaining the goals of EEEI and detailing the projects currently in progress.

At the conference other live topics were addressed including case law updates and normative changes in the requirements for Expertise and expert evidence ; the differences between experts instructed by the parties and experts appointed by the Court ; recent technical advances of the most sought expertise skills before the Court ; the elaboration and designation of the list of legal experts ; and a comparative analysis of different models of expert evidence that occur both in civil law and common law.

The first lecture of the Congress was given by Mr. Antonio Salas Carceller, Magistrate of the Civil chamber of the Spanish Supreme Court, who spoke about civil expert evidence from the perspective of Supreme Court cases. His lecture developed other related topics including problems in the delivery of the expert report, the payment of the expert fees, Court assessment criteria of the expert reports, Daubert criteria and their possible place in the assessment of the expert evidence in Spain and the intervention of the expert in the trial.

Other presentations, chosen by the scientific committee, addressed more specific items, including, experts reports in the field of compliance, architecture, engineering, medicine, psychology, forensic social work, forensic DNA testing, the relationship between arbitral tribunal and expert, expert evidence in air accidents, the validity of the expert report in the absence of the expert to give evidence at the Oral hearing.

A further lecture was given by Mr. Patrice Gardel, vice-president of the French Conseil National des Compagnies d’experts de Justice, who explained the Judicial expertise system in France, based on the nomination of the expert by the judge.

We also had time to relax and socialize during the lunchtimes and during the official dinner, hold in the Palace Hotel of Barcelona. Mr. Jean Raymond Lemaire, as a President of the EEEI, chaired this dinner and had time to talk with the Dean of the Barcelona Bar Association, Ms. Eugènia Gay, who was invited to the Congress as our guest and expressed her surprise with the content of this event, and to understand the increasing importance of EEEI in Europe.

Rafael Orellana – President of Associació catalana de perits judicials i forenses and representative for international affairs of theConsejo General de peritos judiciales (Spain)


Address: Barceloneta, Barcelone, Espagne

Date: 23 November 2017