Edited by Karine Favro, Madeleine Lobé Lobas, Jean-Paul Markus

with a foreword by Corinne Lepage, the book attempts to give substance to the notion of expert, identifying its function better through the contributions of Melis Aras, Denis Bard, Jennifer Boirot, Jean-François Brilhac, Jean-François David, Valentine Erné-Heintz, Karine Favro, Christian Huglo, Jean-Raymond Lemaire, Claude Lienhard, Madeleine Lobé Lobas, Jean-Paul Markus, Georges Mouchnino, Florence Nicoud-Pauvert, Stela Sava-Albaladejo, Jean-François Schmauch, Philippe Schultz, Ève Truilhé-Marengo, Joseph Valantin.


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