After Rome on May 30th, Paris July 3rd, members of the jury met behind closed doors on September 11th in Lisbon to pursue elaboration of the recommendations and so finalize the writing of the Guide of best practice

Madam, Sir

As part of a project entitled EGLE – European Guide for Legal Expertise co-financed by the European Commission, EEEI has launched work aimed at developing a guide to good practices in civil judicial expertise in the European Union.

Please find attached about the EGLE project.

This guide is currently being finalized by a Jury consisting of 9 European personalities.

This project is the recognition of the importance of legal expertise in numerous disputes. It is the recognition of the Expert’s contribution in the resolution of many of them, but more generally it will increase the confidence in expertise operations in countries other than one’s own, and increase the quality of expertise operations in all countries, particularly those in the European Union and will make it possible to pursue excellence in operations of expertise.

 In order to disseminate the guide as widely as possible, we would like to benefit from your help.
If you agree to help us, just send us your agreement to the following address : .

Following your commitment we will send a message in different languages with a download link that will give you access to the work.

So that we can send details on the extent of the dissemination to the European Commission who is co-financing the project, we need to know the target and the number of your mailing lists :

  • We will ask you to include our email address in your mailing.
  • We can also send the links to your lists ourselves if you provide us with the addresses to do this.

A paper version will be available at the end of October, sign up to receive it free of charge (within the limits of available stocks), by clicking on the link « Guide ».

Counting on your support and your collaboration, Madam, Sir, we thank you for your attention to this message.