Contact information

Nationality: French


Address: 1 Rue Proudhon, Sète, France

Phone: +33(0)4 67 74 82 68

Mobile: +33(0)6 20 02 22 00


Membership: Expert

Detailed function: Architecte - urbaniste - Expert de Justice Cour d'appel de Montpellier

Speciality: Construction, Urbanisme

Skills domain: Construction

City of practice: Espagne, France, Montpellier

Working language: Catalan (langue active), English (active language), French (active language), Spanish (active language)

Member of EEEI

Date of attestation: 01/01/2013

national registration body: Cour d'appel de MONTPELLIER

honorary expert: False

end date of registration validity: 01/01/2024