We were looking forward to meeting again this Friday, June 5 in Naples, for an event organized by our Italian friends and we would like to acknowledge the work undertaken over many months by our elected member of the Executive Committee, Angela Scala, as well as the First President Giuseppe De Carolis di Prossedi and the Public Prosecutor Luigi Riello at the Court of Appeal, the Mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris, Eduardo Maria Piccirilli, President of the IUM Academy School and institutional member of the EEEI, and all the partners of this event..

Unfortunately, it is likely that we will not be able to reach them this year due to the current health crisis and the travel and meeting restrictions. It is therefore with sadness that we decided to postpone this meeting. As soon as the situation allows, we will therefore send a new “save the date” for Naples, probably for the next general assembly in May / June 2021. May our Italian friends be thanked for their commitment in the organization of this assembly. We will be delighted to be able to come to Naples, in large numbers, as soon as possible.

In these times of social distancing, the EEEI will have to hold a “all digital” general assembly. The general assembly of Friday June 5 2020 will therefore be well maintained, but at a distance. We will make sure to keep our members informed of the tools that will allow them to optimally participate in this meeting.

The general assembly is important: it is a moment, certainly a little formal, but which is essential to allow the members to have a faithful account of the activities of the EEEI in 2019, but also of concrete projects for 2020 and the years that follow.

This meeting is also important in that it should allow us to organize the “natural” renewal of the Comex and the working groups of the EEEI. We therefore appeal to candidates who wish to contribute to the active development of the EEEI.

EEEI is already active in the world of digitalization and artificial intelligence.

For more than two years, most COMEX and STEERCO (executive committee) meetings have been held via videoconference. This was put in place to take into account the issue of mobility.

Beyond these internal considerations, the EEEI takes a close look at the aspects of the digitization of justice: our “Find an Expert” project (project co-funded by the Justice DG of the European Commission), highlights the need to organize a European register of Experts, and to organize at least partial digitization of the material aspects of judicial expertise.

Our “Artificial Intelligence” working group takes part in the work of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). The latter is very interested in the ethical aspects of the use of artificial intelligence in the judicial world.

In this view, we invite you to save the date of October 23 and 24, 2020 in order to take part in the colloquium “Judicial Expertise and Artificial Intelligence” which will be organized in Mechelen (Belgium) by our institutional member, the National College of Belgian Judicial Experts ASBL, in together with the EEEI. It will be another opportunity to meet.

The world will not be the same after COVID-19. More than ever, our mission is to ensure that this change works towards better and more effective justice.

We hope to have the opportunity to see you all in good health as soon as possible.

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Date: 5 June 2020