First roundtable: how to find the best judicial expert?

Introduction and moderation by :  Vincent Delvaux, Public Accountant & Tax Consultant ITAA registered, Vice-President.

Discussion between:

  • Mrs. Myriam Quemener,
  • Me Christiane Féral-Schuhl,
  • Mr. Alain Pilette,
  • Mr. Bas Sluysmans, Partner / eDiscovery expert,
  • Mr. Jean-Michel Feuvre, President of the Association of Experts of Versailles, judicial expert, IT consultant.

Presentation on the topic: Nomenclature of judicial expertise, how to find the best judicial expert?

  • Mr. Alain Nuée, Past First President of the Court of Appeal of Versailles – President of the EEEI Orientation Committee,
  • Me Béatrice Deshayes, Partner lawyer (Paris) & Rechtsanwältin (Köln) – hw&h,
  • Mr. Alain Pilette, Deputy Director Justice, DG JAI Justice and Home Affairs at Council of the European Union.