Second roundtable : Accounting and valuation expertise seen at the European level:

Introduction and moderation by: Mr. Fernand Maillard, Certified auditor (Be), certified accountant (Be), Vice-president Institute of Certified Accountants (Be).

Discussion between:

  • Me Béatrice Deshayes,
  • Mr. Jean-Raymond Lemaire, EEEI’s founding President, Judicial Expert, IT consultant,
  • Mr. Alain Pilette,
  • Mr. Alain Nuée.

Presentation on the topic: Objectivity in public accounting and business valuation.

  • Mr. André Kilesse, Past President Accountancy Europe, Honorary President CNCC Belgium; Past President of the Belgian Institute of Auditors,
  • Mr. Gilles de Courcel, Financial Expert,
  • Me Philippe Métais, Partner, cabinet BCLP,
  • Mr. Frank Erkens, Managing partner Holland Integrity Group, expert witness,
  • Me Antoine Chatain, Lawyer at the Paris Bar founding partner cabinet Chatain & Associés,
  • Miss Kay Linnell, Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness.

Additional documents provided by EWI –

  1. EWI code of ethics – see comment below
  2. CPR Part 35 – PART 35 – EXPERTS AND ASSESSORS – Civil Procedure Rules (
  3. PD Part 35 – PRACTICE DIRECTION 35 – EXPERTS AND ASSESSORS – Civil Procedure Rules (
  4. A recent article on bias which is effectively guidance on “objectivity” (independence; impartiality and neutrality) with the liability of experts (Jones v Kaney etc.) as an over-arching risk to experts that delegates might find useful: Experts warned over bias and use of language in recent judgment ( and it is worth looking at some of the other news items on the EWI website if delegates are interested.