CNB/EEEI: The partnership continues….

Official launch of three e-learning courses on the practice of legal expertise for law schools. The CNB has once again entrusted the EEEI with the design of three new courses:

  • Course 1 : «Better understand expertise: Definition, objective and framework» (9 hours);
  • Course 2 : «Know the process and particularities of judicial expertise» (9 hours);
  • Course 3 : «Better understand the alternatives to judicial expertise» (9 hours);
With its solid skills in training management and its ability to bring together a team of highly experienced lawyers, magistrates and experts, the EEEI managed, coordinated and carried out these 3 courses with the company Make U Learn.
Each course lasts 9 hours and was created to enable all lawyers to support their clients in the implementation of legal expertise. To do this, key pedagogical objectives were carefully chosen to best support the learner:
  • Understand the definition and the framework of judicial expertise
  • To know the protagonists of a judicial expertise
  • To master the process of a judicial expertise
  • To be aware of the specificities according to the jurisdictions and the matters
  • To master the alternatives to judicial expertise
  • Understand the place and role of the lawyer during a judicial expertise
Make U Learn’s know-how has made it possible to bring this training to life with dynamic and engaging content. Each course consists of theoretical videos, practical cases, multiple choice questions, an interactive final summary to retain the essential information, links and documents to print.
This training is aimed at both young and more experienced lawyers, as judicial expertise is the most common measure of instruction, particularly in civil proceedings.
From a pedagogical and technical point of view, everything is geared towards the learner and his or her ability to train whenever he or she wishes, since each course can be followed independently of the others. Accessible on a computer as well as on a tablet or smartphone, from the 360LEARNING platform, they thus meet the need for mobility of lawyers and student lawyers.

Florence Boyer — Lawyer at the Paris Bar, A’CORP law firm, specialized in personal injury law,

Antoine Chatain — Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Chatain&Associés law firm, practising in business litigation, civil liability, IT, industrial risk,

Béatrice Deshayes — Lawyer at the Paris and Cologne Bars, hw&h law firm – specialized in industrial risks and insurance,

Hervé Foult — Orthopaedic surgeon, expert at the Paris Court of Appeal,

Dominique Ham — Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Chatain&Associés law firm, practising in civil liability and contract litigation, industrial risk and IT,

Roch Menes — Honorary Judicial Expert Surgeon, Honorary President of the Cie Nationale des Médecins de Justice,

Elizabeth Menesguen — Lawyer at the Val-de-Marne bar, Cabinet E. MENESGUEN, former President of the Bar, former president of the training commission of the CNB,

Alain Nuée — First Honorary President of the Court of Appeal of Versailles,

Sylvie Patte — Civil engineer, CMATP and CMAP approved arbitrator, Expert at the Court of Appeal of Versailles,

Sylvie Perrin — Auditor – Chartered Accountant, Expert at the Court of Appeal of Versailles and the Centre,

Camille Potier — Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Chatain&Associés firm, practising in criminal and financial law,

Claude Vallet — Honorary Magistrate – Court of Appeal of Nancy, Former President of the Board of Appeal – European Patent Office,


 Motion design animation of the course:

Details on the program, to download.