The function

We were looking for a rare bird, able to ensure a set of tasks covering both project management, technical writing and communication.

  • Assist the Work package leaders: WP2 Convergence work national registers and WP3 Nomenclature convergence l, and, if necessary, those of the other WPs;
  • Prepare and attend the Consensus Conference in Cologne;
  • Assist the Jury;
  • Ensure that we meet deadlines and prepare milestones and deliverables in advance, in conjunction with the project and WP leaders and managers;
  • Contribute to the finalization of deliverables and the writing of synthesis reports requested by the EC;
  • Cooperate with all project participants, in particular with the communication team, for the publication of articles related to the project;
  • Participate in the Steering Committee meetings (WP1);
  • Ensure the link between the WPs, as well as with the partners and external contacts of the project, remind the members of the WPs of the deadlines to be respected in the  work progress.


After several weeks of search for candidates meeting our selection criteria, we recruited Aurélie Dardenne.

Who is Aurélie?

Aurélie is a phD studient at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II). She works on the garantee of the restitution due to a void or a terminated contract under the supervision of Philippe Thery (emeritus professor at Paris II).

Her presentation of thesis will be held in september 2022. She is also on the point of being awarded a diploma on the field of european law. For this reason, she is studing the opportunity of a digital euro issuance. Finally, she works as a lecturer in University of Lorraine where she teach contract law, tax law, insurance law and corporate law. 

We wish Aurélie full success in her new position, which is essential to the success of the project.