We considered requesting a grant from the European Commission’s DG Justice to fund a project on training (find the call for proposals with the link below). The deadline was 17th November 2014.

Please find enclosed a short text presenting our reflections on this project.

Finally, we have decided not to submit a request for funding in November and we decided to proceed as follows :

We are going to do the following.

Benoit De Clerck (whose contact details are below) is going to carry out the following actions.

Set up a team to work on this project by getting in touch and finding volunteers in (at the very least) the following countries : France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain… If you are interested, please contact Benoit de Clerck at .

If he contacts you, please help him find persons who may be interested in your country. The working language for this project will essentially be English.

Draw up a text to present the project to the DG Justice as promptly as possible requesting a grant. You will be consulted early on 2015 to give your opinion of this project.

Then, if we think we have a chance to succeed, we will present the project.

You will find enclosed a short text presenting the thoughts on this project