The EGLE project has started.

It is with a lot of pleasure that I am participating in the Organizing Committee of the EUROPEAN GUIDE to LEGAL EXPERTISE (EGLE), a project that has just been launched at the initiative of the EEEI. The EEEI has become ever more recognized in most European countries, with the membership of more and more institutional members. Its General Assembly of 23 May is proof of this growth.

As representative for European Affairs of the General Council of Judicial Experts of Spain, and as President of the Company of Judicial Experts of Catalonia, I strongly believe that the birth of European experts is occurring at the initiative of the EEEI. The Brussels Symposium of 2012 helped us to identify expert practices in different countries of the European Union. But also, and more often than we had imagined it, enabled us to find the similarities between the national regulations. This symposium set the bases and the EEEI is now proposing, with the EGLE project, to develop a good practice guide for civil judicial expertise in Europe, to enable this reconciliation of this expertise in the different European Member States. This objective will be that much easier to reach with participants contributing from the largest possible number of countries and representing various sensitivities or ways of approaching judicial expertise.

With Ms. Beatrice Deshayes, lawyer in Paris and Cologne, I am the person in charge of Working Group No. 1 entitled “Appointing an expert : mission and expectations”. To manage to find ways of convergence on these two subjects, we will face a rich and sometimes intense debate, probably due to differences in the system of judicial proof of the countries involved. But this entire task will not be sterile, since it may become the seed of a strong alignment to reach a strong European quality of Justice, that meets the guarantees afforded to parties and will also serve to dilute the problems which we perceive as regards evidence in cross-border procedures.

I thus invite all experts, judges, academics and lawyers to approach the EEEI and get actively involved in the EGLE project. As the main actors of Justice, we are obliged to ensure its quality.

Rafael Orellana de Castro – Representative of the General Council of Judicial Experts (Spain). President of the Company of Judicial experts of Catalonia. Vice-Chairman of the Orientation Committee of the EEEI.