– Evaluation of judicial systems (

CEPEJ — Evaluation of judicial systems, Report on the evaluation of judicial systems – Call for contributions

As you know, EEEI has the observer status at the CEPEJ, European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice. Some of us  regularly collaborate with a range of working groups, among them GT- EVAL which is in charge of preparing the report on the assessment of judicial systems in the Member States of the European Council.

This report is issued every other years. It relies on a collection of data provided by national correspondents on the basis of a questionnaire which covers all judicial activities. A specific chapter is dedicated to judicial expertise. EEEI takes part in the preparation of the questionnaire and in drafting the report.

The relevance of the analysis is obviously closely linked to the quality of the collection of data. With this in mind, we successfully proposed  a range of amendments to the questionnaire including the very notion of judicial expert, the way they are recruited / agreed, whether lists exist or not, the duration of the accreditation, the appointment/instruction by courts or other authorities, the existence and nature of any control operated, initial training and continuing professional development, in order to be in a position to draw relevant comparisons  between the different judicial systems and between MS or groups of MS and to underline evolution over the years.

It is worth noting  that certain MS are not in a position to provide data on as significant items as the number of judicial experts or the number of expert assessments per year.

In view of the next report covering 2020-2022, EEEI invites its members  to participate in the collection of data in order to gather a maximum of available information designed to complete and as the case may be, to cross them  with those collected by GT-EVAL through its national correspondents. Thanks to your involvement, EEEI shall demonstrate its ability to provide verified [traceable?] information. This will strengthen its position within  CEPEJ and more largely towards the European Institutions as well.


All data you can gather, even partial or purely local are valuable because they  may allow to grasp a larger reality through approriate extrapolation.


Alain Nuée, Eric Parize and I remain fully at your disposal to answer any questions and provide any assistance you might need.


We are counting on each and every one of you!

Many thanks in advance.

Claude Vallet, Honorary Magistrate – Court of Appeal of Nancy, Former President of the Board of Appeal – European Patent Office, Elected member of the Executive Committee of the EEAI