The EEEI was chosen in early 2014, as an observer member in the Working Group on Quality of Justice (GT-QUAL). This working group has among its objectives to disseminate recommendations on judicial expertise in the Council of Europe.To do this, the working group prepared a questionnaire in 2013, with the assistance of the EEEI, which was sent to all the CEPEJ pilot courts in Europe. The answers were analyzed and compiled. On this basis, the GT-QUAL Group asked a German magistrate of the Court of Appeal of COLOGNE, to propose a draft of recommendations. This document was discussed at a meeting of the Group in September 2014, and EEEI was represented by Alain Nuée.A final text will be finalized at the plenary meeting of the CEPEJ to be held in mid-December in Strasbourg. The EEEI is invited to attend and contribute to the finalization of the text.

The EEEI will inform you as soon as the final text is available.Meanwhile, the working group in charge for evaluating judicial systems submitted its biannual report.

For the first time one of the chapters of the report is devoted to judicial expertise.
This shows that judicial expertise in Europe is beginning to be considered alongside justice systems. This is very encouraging.
For the first time, the EEEI was invited to attend the last meeting of this Working Group (GT-EVAL), on 20th and 21st November 2014, where it was represented by Philippe Jacquemin.

Press review : – Publication of the CEPEJ 2014 edition of the evaluation report on the functioning of European judicial systems