Themis Competition 2019

Since 2010, the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) organises a competition between teams of magistrates in training from all across Europe. It is named « Themis » after the Greek goddess of Justice. This event aims to enable participants to develop a common set of values and to discuss the practical aspects of European judicial cooperation in matters of common European interest.

Each team writes a research paper within the scope of a general theme – in the case of this year’s semi-final C for which this paper was written, « European civil procedure » – before presenting it to a jury of European magistrates.

France was represented by a team of three magistrates in training : Jeanne Briand, Matthias Montchovet and Yannick Porte. They chose « the harmonisation of civil judicial expertise in the European Union » as their subject. Their tutor was Sophie Ladoues-Druet, judge and coordinator of civil law teachings at France’s National School of Magistrates. The research paper was proofread by Amanda Gedge-Wallace, director of language classes at said school.

The team won second place in the semi-final dedicated to criminal procedure of the Themis competition and was thus qualified to represent the ENM at the final which took place in Bordeaux in October.

We present to you  the text submitted by the French team.

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