Author(s) : CNCEJ, Introduced by Mr Vincent Lamanda – Senior President of the Court of Cassation
Publication date : April 2009 (3rd edition)
Language : French

Volume in number of pages : 119

Table of content :
– The expert’s oath
– The CNCEJ and the expert companies
– Expertise : civil, criminal, and administrative
– The Expert : judicial, fiscal, and social status
– Code of ethics of judicial experts (27th January 2005)

Fundamental texts – France :
– Laws of 29th June 1971, of February 11th 2004, and of 17th June 2008
– Decree of 23rd December 2004
– Nomenclature of expert sections

Extracts of texts related to experts’ interventions
– ECHR European Court of Human Rights
– Code civil (French Civil Code)
– Code de procédure civile NCPC (French Code of Civil Procedure)
– Code de procédure pénale (French Code of Penal Procedure)
– Code de justice administrative (French Code of Administrative Justice)

Key words – summary : France, civil, penal, administrative, ethics, nomenclature, list, contradictory

Language : French

Geopolitical coverage : France

Publisher : CNCEJ

Availability : Available in its unabridged version

Please note : Version 3 replaces version 2 published by the CNCEJ in December 2006.