The speech of Mr Bart Jan Van Ettekoven, President of the Council of State

7 June 2019 – The Hague – Netherlands

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour and a great pleasure for me to welcome you to The Hague, the city of peace and justice, and in this special place, the ballroom of the Council of State.

I hope that my introduction has provided a modest contribution to:- redefining the expert’s role and place in our society- harmonizing professional practices and rules.
Aside from this: I believe that the mere fact that key stakeholders – judicial experts, magistrates, lawyers and academics – are meeting here today to exchange ideas on the importance of expertise and experts in court proceedings, is an excellent initiative.
I wish you all a very interesting morning. Thank you for your attention.

Professor Diekstra’s presentation

Emeritus Professor of Psychology University College Roosevelt
Professor of Youth and Development University of Applied Sciences, The Hague



Speech by Christiane Lenz

Christiane Lenz






Christiane Lenz held a presentation about the impacts of French pre-trial expert proceedings on German civil proceedings in case of a  jurisdiction clause in favor of German courts. The presentation covered the permissibility of the pre-trial taking of evidence before a French Court  if the parties involved have previously agreed on a choice of court clause in favor of a German Court, the possibility for a German court to base a decision on a French Expert report as well as the interdependence between Art. 35 of the Brussels Ia Regulation and the principles of res iudicata/lis pendens.

The presentation provided insight into the publication “Die Auswirkungen des référé-expertise auf deutsche Zivilgerichtsverfahren – Die Brüssel-Ia-VO auf dem Prüfstand“.