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Judicial Expertise and Artificial Intelligence

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The Collège National des Experts Judiciaires de Belgique CNEJ and EEEI organizes a congress in the theater of Mechelen Keizerstraat 3 (BE) on 23 and 24 october 2020 jointly with the Following Belgian partners: BENEVERMEDEXAMEJ (Association des Médecins Experts Judiciaires) and the SRMLB (Société Royale de Médecine Légale de Belgique).


On 23 and 24 October 2020 in the Malines Theater, the congress will gather a panel of highly qualified speakers and many players in the scientific, legal and digital communities involved in the congress topics Legal Expertise and Artificial Intelligence. Resolutely focused on the future, this conference will highlight the most recent scientific and technological advances of Artificial Intelligence which is a must today in the legal and medical fields of Expertise. Participants will get major lines of reflections and answer elements on how to face nowadays issues and challenges in Court.

While fully aware of the challenge to organize a congress in the present circumstances, all five organizers, as major societies of the concerned professions, have decided to assume their responsibility and achieve their duty to their members in offering continuous training in spite of current adverse conditions. This will be achieved in strict respect of the latest regulations due to evolution of the Covid 19.


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