Revue Experts : The technical and scientific knowledge of the expert knows no boundaries

by Pierre Saupique



Justice is a central institution of democracy, one of its pillars exposed to the wear and tear of time, which, if it is not strengthened and renewed in line with the evolution of morals, the modernization of societies, and technological and scientific progress, becomes fragile and moves away from its foundations, and escapes the trust of the citizen, the litigant.

All legal professionals, magistrates, lawyers, all experts – whether appointed by the judge or the parties – have a duty to contribute to strengthening the structure of this pillar.

The Revue Experts, created in 1987 by legal experts, works towards this goal by publishing technical, scientific and legal articles devoted exclusively to expertise, to which all experts – whether or not they are legal experts – can refer.

As a professional press for experts, it is also intended for all those interested in expertise (magistrates, lawyers and other court officers, researchers, intellectuals, insurers, citizens, etc.). In each field, it brings together an important source of scientific and technical knowledge.

The authors of these articles are all recognized professionals, whether they are experts (in all professions), judges, lawyers, academics or researchers; their articles are authoritative and are very often cited in other publications and at conferences.

Its columns (scientific and technical, legal and judicial, research and prospective), its monitoring of case law, its surveys, reports, interviews and news pages, make it an exhaustive tool for information, research, training and reflection at the interface of fact and law. The documentary database, accessible on its website, includes all the articles, commentaries and case law published over the last 33 years.

Its publications are available in paper and digital format. Its digital version and its unique database, which can be consulted by keyword, are both accessible on a smartphone or any other mobile device.

All the publications of the Experts Review are fully digitized and can be downloaded from

In the columns of the Review, you will find :

  • A legal and judicial column, written by lawyers
  • A scientific and technical column, written by experts in all disciplines
  • A case law column, a real legal watch on expertise, with comments made by lawyers for experts
  • A research and prospective column, which publishes a permanent reflection on expertise in all its aspects
  • Spaces dedicated to readers and in particular to companies of experts
  • Surveys, reports and interviews on current events or issues at the interface between fact and law
  • Expert information of all kinds for all readers
  • An annually updated table of contents allows a search of everything that has been published since the beginning of the Journal, which can be done by author or by theme of activity.

Experts from all disciplines and all countries will find it a source of training, as well as a common expert culture – procedural, sociological, economic, environmental, international, etc.

Finally, the Revue Experts contributes to the decompartmentalization of the different types of expertise, and seeks interprofessional convergence between experts (construction, health, automobile, environment, labour law, etc.). As a knowledge transfer medium, it explores all the components of expertise.

Its publications are open to all European experts who wish to share their know-how, their savoir-être… and make it known.

The Revue Experts and the European Institute of Expertise and the Expert have a common European vision which naturally leads them to exchange their thoughts on the expertise and the expert of tomorrow, both of which will have a European dimension, in accordance with a clearly stated political will.

Indeed, the internationalization of disputes and the mutual recognition of legal decisions within Europe lead the expert to find, in the course of his quest, a basis in the European courts. From now on, justice and the search for the technical truth that contributes to it no longer come up against borders.

Whether they are from Ukraine, Germany or France, the experts have the same credo, the same deontology, which unites them in a single “stateless” body. Only their statutes and the rules of procedure to be respected in the conduct of their missions separate them. Until when?

The European Union is keen to pursue this harmonization further, as shown by the missions it has entrusted to the European Institute of Expertise and the Expert, such as the drafting of a guide to good practice in the field of civil expertise (EGLE project), or the collection of lists of legal experts and the description of procedures in the various Member States of the European Community (Find an expert).

It is up to each expert in Europe to prepare for this new paradigm, helped, supported and encouraged by all the organizations that have a role to play: the European Institute of Expertise and the Expert, the federations of experts in each State of the European Community and the Revue Experts.

As with all the professions that have already organized their European dimension, it is desirable that a federation of European experts be able to bring together the technicians and scientists who wish to engage in the work of justice within the European Union.

The Experts Review is fully involved in this European project and is ready to provide a European documentary collection on expertise, enriched by the work of the European Institute of Expertise and the Expert. What if we were to create a European Experts Review together now….


Pierre Saupique, Editor-in-chief