L’”Istituto Universitario della Mediazione Academy School” – University Institute of Mediation


by the President, Prof. Eduardo Maria Piccirilli



The University Institute of Mediation) was founded in 1996.

Its mission consists mainly of training in two fields: linguistic and legal-economic.

In the linguistic field, since 2009 the Institute has been authorised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education and Ministry of the University and Research), by decree of 21/01/2009, to provide the courses of a three-year course leading to the award of the Diploma of Linguistic Mediator, fully equivalent to the Bachelor’s Degrees awarded by the Universities at the end of the course relating to the class of “Lauree Universitarie in Mediazione Linguistica” L12 (Bachelor’s Degrees in Linguistic Mediation).

Therefore, the Institute is a Higher School for Linguistic Mediators and, as such, it is part of the Italian university system, and forms the Linguistic Mediator. He knows, besides the language, the institutions, culture and traditions of the country, which will be of great help to the mediation.

By definition the Linguistic Mediator is the one who, thanks to his command of foreign languages, allows the transposition/translation of the concepts expressed, from one language to another.

To do this, the Institute uses qualified teachers and a large number of linguistic collaborators for all the languages studied, among which English, Chinese and Spanish are in great demand by the students.

The IUM in 2012 is joining the Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus by obtaining funding for the mobility of teachers and students. Participation in the Erasmus+ program allows the Institute to become more international as it has, to date, more than thirty partnerships with the largest European Universities.

Every year, the IUM welcomes a large number of European students who decide to carry out their Erasmus study period at the SSML (Scuola Superiore Mediatori Linguistici) in Naples and teachers from partner Universities who choose the IUM as the institution where to teach the courses planned in their mobility programme.

There are also many IUM students who have completed a period of study abroad with very good results in terms of learning and life experience.


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