The expert appraiser: powers, duties and responsibilities
Report by Angela Scala

On December 2, 2019, a provincial training course for Expert in real estate appraisal was organized at the OAT (Turin Order of Architects). Mrs. Marisa Gallo and Chiara Comune, Local Magistrates of the Property Execution Section, participated, as well as a Real Estate Valuation Engineer and a Local Architect Expert, under the scientific supervision of Mrs. Angela Scala, architect.
The topics were :

  • Analysis of the qualities of a good Expert Estimator
  • General Preamble on Expropriation of Property
  • Foreclosure: object, form and content
  • The protagonists of real estate execution
  • Court officers: expert appraiser, legal guardian, professional representative for sales operations
  • Formulation of the judgement by means of a written report referring to the analysis of the elements and the verifications carried out
  • Authorization of the assistance of a collaborator for planimetric survey operations: prior authorization or art.12
  • Case of a void that cannot be remedied
  • The fees of the Expert Estimator
  • The liquidation of the execution judge (G.E.)

This training format will be repeated in the interregional provincial context in Italy, always under my scientific and organizational supervision. The registrations were numerous, the average age was between 45 and 55 years old and the opinion of the participants on the quality of the course was excellent (see attached questionnaire).

The aim of the courses is to form a national class of qualified experts, to codify a national format, to which the Judiciary will have to refer “ex lege” for evaluations, as well as for different competences.

I recommend the comparison of this type of course with the other European formats, in order to homogenise the courses within the EEEI.

The course programme