Bernhard Floter

EuroExpert is a professional multi-disciplinary organisation representing European Experts Associations. 14 European countries are members of EuroExpert. EuroExpert’s objectives and aims are the development, promotion and convergence of education, common ethical, professional standards for experts within the European Union, based upon the principles of high qualification, personal integrity, independence, impartiality, objectivity and respect for confidentiality. It was founded in 1998 and has its registered seat in Luxembourg, seat of the Court of Justice of the European Union and represents 50,000 experts in the European Union.

European Activities

EuroExpert has early begun to focus on common standards for European Experts who are working for Justice. To converge a common understanding of the use of experts in the EU, EuroExpert developed important standards like the Code of Practice, Association Standards, Standards for Mediation Training, Report Standards and a Core Curriculum for the Training of Experts. In all member associations of EuroExpert these standards are adopted. A European milestone is the Code of Practice which was reaffirmed 2019. It was also adopted by countries out of Europe. In 2018 EuroExpert was invited by the European Council to submit suggestions for projects of the E-Justice-Action-Plan 2019 – 2023 and was appointed Co-Leader of the projects European Registers of Experts and E-Expertise. EuroExpert publishes constantly studies about the remuneration of experts and their practises. The Service includes advice of the members in adopting European requirements. To help understanding similarities and differences of the national systems of experts it is essential to use phrases and terms in the same way and meaning. Therefore EuroExpert launched definitions for the “Language concerning the Use of Experts“, that are considered attentively in the European law arena.


In 2007 EuroExpert introduced the EuroExpertFinder service. Since then more and more courts and lawyers have used this unique tool to find experts across the European Union and beyond. An easy access to the EuroExpert website  helps to find the right experts. Courts or Lawyers complete the short “Request for an Expert”, submit the request and receive details of an expert within 7 days. The request will be submitted to the appropriate Association for assistance. EuroExpert monitors the process to ensure that all users are provided with a consistently high level of service.

To get a first idea of the expert systems in the countries of the European Union EuroExpert put together a lot of information about expert lists and possible organisations and associations which could assist in a country of the European Union. Via links to existing lists and registers of experts this makes it already possible to search for experts from databases and lists from several countries and is in the style of the project “Find an Expert” of the EEEI as well as its future publication of information sheets on the EU e-justice Website.