Meetings in Naples

Alain Nuée went to Naples on 11 and 12 October 2018 to establish partnerships and to advance the “Find an expert” project, which in Italy is hampered by the fact that Italy has too many lists of judicial experts that cannot be integrated as they stand on the e-justice website because they include too many experts registered for life who have never been appointed. Thus, the Naples court alone has a number of registered experts comparable to that of the whole of France, including 3,000 expert architects out of the 9,000 professionals working in the jurisdiction.

Thanks to the particularly effective assistance provided by Mrs Angela Scala, an expert architect in Turin recently admitted to the COMEX, meetings were organised with Dr De Carolis de Possedi, President of the Court of Appeal, Dr Luigi Riello, Prosecutor General, Elisabetta Garzo, President of the Naples North Court created four years ago and located in Aversa, the President of the Bar Gianfranco Mallardo who is at the head of the bar established in this court, Professor Piccirilli President of the IUM Academy School Naples, University of Parthenope, which provides continuing training for auditors, Mrs Ersilia Russo, architect expert, Mr Pasquale Vetrano, engineer expert, the President of the Bar of Naples, Mr Maurizio Bianco and Mr Francesco Avolio in charge of the International Relations and Training Committee.

All the interlocutors warmly welcomed Mrs Scala and Mr Nuée and showed great interest in the work of the EEEI, to which several stated that they wanted to join.

Sensitive to the difficulties encountered in implementing the “Find an expert” project, they expressed a strong desire to see a shift, thanks to external assistance from the EU, from a method of recruiting judicial experts that was considered obsolete to a more selective system that would provide more guarantees on the quality of registered experts, while stressing the difficulty of obtaining a change in legislation in the current political context.

Almost all of them expressed their willingness to collaborate with and assist the Institute. Thus, the idea of creating a pilot project at the level of the Aversa court with the assistance of its bar association seemed relevant insofar as the lists are drawn up not at the level of the courts of appeal but at the level of the courts of first instance. Similarly, the fact that the heads of court inform the High Council of the Judiciary of the difficulties encountered in Italy in carrying out the “Find an expert” project will be a first step towards an early solution.

The Naples Bar Association was very interested in training lawyers in the expertise and experience of the EEEI and EFB to the point of suggesting the study of a partnership.

In conclusion, despite an a priori delicate context, the trip to Naples of Mr Nuée and Mrs Scala appears to be a success with the prospect of new collective and individual memberships, new partnerships and assistance for the realization of “Find an expert” which could be decisive. The EEEI has already registered the accession of Mrs Esilia Russo and the IUM Academy School Napoli chaired by Professor Piccirilli and is very confident that the Court of Naples, the Court of Aversa and the Bars of Aversa and Naples will soon join it.

Alain Nuée

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