Training lawyers

(FR) Our project for the National Council of Bars ( on distance training learning on RGPD has been approved. This training must fit the needs of generalist lawyers having SME, communities and associations as customers. Its design involving three lawyers and two judicial experts will now start. The eleven regional centres of training in the legal profession will then broadcast training. We are working on two other projects of training for the same public: a general module on the proper use of expertise, another module on cyber-security/cyber-crime.

(FR) In a difficult financial environment, the Paris bar School ( has just confirmed his wish to continue the partnership with the EEEI in 2019. To be organized in an economic equilibrium still uncertain are interventions in initial training and continuous training, writing a hands-on book about expertise that is will fit in the EFB ‘Library of counsel’ collection,.


Training judges

(FR) The international Department of the National School of the judiciary ( continues its negotiations with the Ministry of Justice of UAE. It will be suggested to start training by the judges before considering those of the notaries, clerks, lawyers and experts. Because of this new phasing of the project, an intervention of the EEEI should take place in 2020.

(NL) The Stichting Advisering Bestuursrechtspraak ( is a body of independent Court experts in environment, and is a institutional member of EEEI. It provides training on the environment of administrative judges, and would be willing to share its expertise with other members of the EEEI wishing to create a training offering in this field for an audience of judges and lawyers in another European country. Addressing the EEEI secretariat which can ensure the networking.


Training bailiffs

(FR) EEEI has responded positively to a proposal from the national Bailiffs Chamber ( to participate as a partner in a response to tender of the European commission. We await the outcome of the vote count during the 1st quarter 2019.


EEEI web site

The Executive Committee of EEEI endorsed the idea of creating within the web site ( a section dedicated to training. This section will be open to all institutional members with activity in the field of training. These members will have free space to publish their training and promote their business to a wide European audience. Apply to the secretariat of the EEEI to get information forms.

Benoit de Clerck