Project presentation

by Robert Ranquet

Palazzo Grimani di San Luca, Court of Venezia, Michele Sanmicheli, CC BY 4.0,
via Wikimedia

In the spring of 2021, the Institute had been approached by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Venezia (Italy), who had offered to associate us with the responses they were going to make to a call for projects from the E.U.

So we responded with them, as partners, on two projects concerning criminal justice:

  • the THEMIS project, which aimed to optimize and make more effective the use of cross-border E.U. instruments available to prosecutors in Europe,
  • the VR-DigiJust project, which consisted of creating a virtual courtroom to help train trial actors.

Initially, these two proposals were not accepted by the European Commission, but we were pleased to learn recently that, finally, the VR-DIGIJUST project was well funded and launched. We have therefore undertaken to put ourselves in order to ensure the EEEI contribution to this new project, which associates, under the guidance of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trento, the Venetian and Padua Parquet Floors, as well as the National Chamber of Commissioners of Justice (CNCJ) the French Hochschule fur Offentliche Verwaltung (HFOV) in Breme (Germany), the Belgian Nationale Kamer van Gerechtsdeurwaarders (CNHB-NKGB), the European public law organization (EPLO) in Athens and the Fondazione agenfor international (agenfor) in Milan.

This will be an opportunity for the Institute to forge new partnerships in Europe, and to invest more directly in criminal justice issues. This project represents a budget of 70,000 euros over 3 years for the EEEI.