The EEEI is currently starting its participation in the European VR-DigiJust project.

The VR-DIGIJUST project addresses the need for training in the use of judicial cooperation instruments between member states.

At the heart of the VR-DigiJust project is the impact of new technologies, first concerning the work of regional parquet floors and their staff, judges, lawyers and experts and bailiffs, when they are confronted with large cascading investigations, such as “Encrochat”, Sky ECC, or the recent case of modern slavery between Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

VR-DigiJust contributes to the effective and coherent application of specific EU cooperation instruments at regional level through a decentralized cross-border and interprofessional training strategy.

Within a consortium led by our Italian friends, our institute will have the task of coordinating the creation of a European network of virtual training centres dedicated to the practice of European legal instruments (European arrest warrant, etc.) for those involved in cross-border criminal proceedings: prosecutors, judges, lawyers, experts, bailiffs, etc. This coordination work will be complemented by the creation of scenarios and e-training modules.

To carry out this task, we need to associate ourselves with judges or lawyers practising in these fields. You can help us by pointing out to us such practitioners in your entourage, whom we will then approach to propose them to join our project team.

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