Situation of the justice expert in each European country

The various justice expertise systems in each country

in the European Union have been the subject of the EEEI’s work and are presented in this section.

As an introduction, we are presenting the acts of a symposium held in Paris on 3rd December 1999 at the Palais du Luxembourg, on the perspectives of harmonising judicial expert procedures in civil matters within the European Union.
This symposium was organised by the Company of Experts Certified at the Court of Cassation/ Compagnie des Experts Agrées à la Cour de Cassation (CEACC) with the participation of the European Commission Grotius programme. The various interventions helped to start comparisons between England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

The Eurexpertise project then made it possible to draw up an exhaustive inventory and objective analysis of the rules and practices used in the field of civil expertise throughout the EU, and to propose to the European authorities consensual reform suggestions to decrease the amount of divergences. The country profiles resulting from this work are presented in the final report Eurexpertise, published in 2012 and are progressively updated under the supervision of the Institute and published in partnership with the journal Experts.