Judicial expertise in trials across Europe

All the European Union countries have created procedures for judicial expertise. There are many commonalities but also many differences between these procedures.

How to become a justice expert ? What specializations, nomenclatures, and competencies are required of an expert, and what are the different statuses of experts in the EU ?

Experts’ code of ethics : ethics and competencies, impartiality, independence, integrity, oath, striking off from the register of experts.

In a trial : Appointment, disqualification, refusal, acceptance, oath, public declaration of interest.

Expert authority : Determining the mission and its limits – letters rogatory, Terms of Reference, territoriality.

Different stages of the expertise mission until the report ; written report, preliminary report, presence or not before the judges, language used.

Expert responsibility during the mission and after it has been concluded.

Pay, indicative fees, legal aid, cost recovery.

Country’s judicial organization and particularities introduced for justice expert activities.

Various expert specialties and their specific characteristics.