General progress

What has happened since the September 2022 progress review?

The working groups of the different work packages have met, face-to-face and remotely via Teams, to compare their points of view and to prepare the deliverables expected for the consensus conference in June 2023.

On the following pages, we present the progress of the various working groups.

  • WP1 – Project management and coordination
  • WP2 – Convergence work national register
    • WP2 – WG1 – Definition of criteria for judicial expert
    • WP2 – WG2 – Definition of standards to be met by bodies in charge of Expert directories
    • WP2 – WG3 – Requirements for experts to be registered in a directory/stay on a directory
  • WP3 – Nomenclature
  • WP4 – IT
  • WP5 – Communication
  • WP6 – Consensus conference